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7 of 10 wins guaranteed!

Regardless of your past rank or current MMR, Lolboosts offer a 7/10 wins guarantee on all placement boosts. In the extremely rare event that a booster loses more that 3 games during the placements, we will compensate each extra loss with 1 net win, on the house.

Professional Boosters

Our team is exclusively made of Master + Boosters, including Challenger League of Legends players sitting at the very top of the ladder in EUW and NA. We have a very thorough vetting process for any new member of our boosting squad, including community review and background check to ensure that your booster will not only be skilled beyond the average player in your elo, but also behave professionally at all times.

24/7 Availability and Support

Our expert LoL boost team is always available and ready to play. To provide the highest-quality of service globally, we employ the best boosters from all regions with a specific focus on EUW and NA. Our support team is always ready to answer your questions via live chat, support tickets or Discord.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Placements Boosting

It is well known that placement games will heavily influence the rest of the season. By securing a very high win rate in these first 10 games, you will be able to start the climb from where you ended the previous season, and potentially even higher. Winning 7+ games in your 10 placement games is the surest way to skyrocket your MMR and skip the grind in the lower divisions where toxic players, trolls and generally unskilled teammates will slow down your climb. Order a Placements boost and pick it up even higher than where you ended the previous season!

What are the advantages of Placements Boosting

There are many reasons and advantages to use a professional Placements boosting service. First, lower divisions, also known as Elo Hell, do not reflect what League of Legends should be. It’s often a clown fiesta where egotistical players are willing to lose a game to prove a point to their equally toxic feeding teammates.