Main Champions: Vayne, Draven, Nidalee, Camille
Rank: Challenger 1200 LP
Competitive Experience: Played German Pro League before and coached Pro Teams like S04.
Coaching Experience: More then 3 Years of Coaching Experience. 1900+ Hours of Coaching. 450+ Happy Clients. Team & Solo Coaching!





Coaching skills

Winning Conditions
Wave management
Lane matchups
Jungle pathing
Objective control
Winning mindset


My Name is Simon aka. Yato, I am 20 years old and I live in Germany. I started playing League Of Legends at Season 1 casually, and I discovered that I have a talent at it. In Season 3 I hit Diamond for the first time, 1 year later, in Season 4 I reached Challenger. I have been a Professional Player in 2015 for a German Pro Team a few years, then in 2018 I was invited to Coach another German Professional Team and learned a lot about professional Coaching, Advancements and other important things to improve your students! In addition to that I will soon be nominated Head Coach in the Pro Series again.

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