psych ego


Main Champions: Riven , Irelia , Aatrox , Fiora , Camile & Shen
Rank: GM
Competitive Experience: Mainly online tournaments.
Coaching Experience: Over 250 Hours of coaching






Coaching skills

Winning Conditions
Wave management
Lane matchups
Jungle pathing
Objective control
Winning mindset


Champion selecting and counter pick How to succesfully increase your winrate in soloQ How, when and where to gank How to manage minion wave and when to join team fights. (pushing, freezing, denying farm) Creating a game plan, spectating the game and analyzing what you are doing wrong Where, when and how to place wards How to scout the enemy jungle and predict his pathing and ganking (mirror jungling strat) Runes, builds and skill order for every champion How to trade efficiently with your opponent Tips & Tricks to guarantee you a better performance How to prioritize objectives (Drakes, Baron, Turrets, etc) How to position yourself in team fight and which target to focus How to communicate with your team do calls How, when and where to pick team fights or not to How to abuse your advantage vs How to come back from a deficit How to end a game with a lead or when the game takes way to long

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