Main Champions: Irelia, Camille, Vladimir, Akali, Aatrox;..
Rank: Grandmaster/Challenger
Competitive Experience: (3 years) 4-5 splits of ERL (CZSK/GR/PT)
Coaching Experience: I personally dont have much c.exp. but as I have been coached by many experienced and full-time coaches and I have definitely something to give.






Coaching skills

Winning Conditions
Wave management
Lane matchups
Jungle pathing
Objective control
Winning mindset


Hello, I'm a 19y.o. toplaner on a small competitive break. I can coach midlane as well since its a very similar lane to Top but if you are looking for a main midlaner - it ain't me. I'm mostly a carry player (which means I played the strong side of the map) and in my previous team, I was the one supposed to carry because my bot lane was handless. Although I can play also a weak side of the map, it's not really fun especially during this soloQ meta in 95% it's not worthy to play tanks but there are definitely some special cases. Currently, I declined some offers even from major regions around Europe to finish school, focus on myself and of course- coach. I can tell you more about me few minutes before coaching hours start. Think about what is best for you and make the best decision, see you!

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