Main Champions: Yi(beast), kayn, nocturne
Rank: Euw Grandmaster Tr Chall
Competitive Experience: I have it.
Coaching Experience: I am doing it for 2 years






Coaching skills

Winning Conditions
Wave management
Lane matchups
Jungle pathing
Objective control
Winning mindset


If you want to get better at TOP: While you are playing I will answer your questions instantly. There will be things that you think you do it correct but wrong. For ex: You killed the enemy, but you dont know should you push the lane, or go base, or stay and try to kill him one more time. I will tell you what is best, and why is it the best. Late game: Lets say 4 of your team members are inting, you have to help them but you have to split push too, if they fight 4v5 you can lose the game so it is a big dilemma. Dont worry it will change due to enemy team. I will tell you that should you stick around your team or should you just split push to get objectives, and be around your team only when they fight for objective, with reasons. JUNGLE Early game: I will tell you the best rotation you can do. And I will show you how to clear jungle with good hp, so you can fight in river. Most people do that wrong, they fullclear the jungle but after that they have like 250 hp. Because they dont know when they should use smite, and why. So after you learn it you will be able to join to scuttle fight. I will tell you if u should force the scuttle (it will depend on mid laner that you have) or go to the other one. Mid game: You will ask me what to do now. Where should you gank? Winning lane or losing lane? Don't worry I got all the answers. And I will check your build, if there is a better item I will tell you immediately so you wont do the same mistake again. Late game: We will analyze the game. Are you strong? Or do you have someone that is so strong in your team? Or every single one of you is weak? We still have a solution, I will tell you every possibility we have. And show you which is the best. I know you tried playing jungle, but it failed. It is so normal because jungle is the hardest role in league. But if you just listen my words you wont believe how easy jungle is. MID LANE: Roaming: Lets say you love roaming, but you dont wanna roam because when you roam, enemy midlaner makes so much farm and get plates. If you cant get kills when you roam you will be weak af against him. But you know that if you wont roam your team will lose the game. Dont worry, I will tell you the best moment you should roam. So you wont lose so much cs, and enemy mid laner wont be able to get plates and be snowball. Laning: I am gonna teach you how to punish enemy mid laner when he does a mistake. I will tell you when you should go base, when you should push hard, when you should freeze... Long story short, everything about laning. ADC: I know that you are watching pro-players such as Rekkles zven, or streamers. U wanna know why you cant farm like they do even after they are way behind of the enemy. What is the difference between you and them? I will turn the things that you do wrong to correct. For ex: You and your support killed the enemy at min 8. Another minion wave is coming. You have no mana and no hp but you wanna push the lane out.Because if you cant lane will be in a good situation for enemy adc. You dont know if it is too risky or bad for you. Dont worry, I will tell you which is best, and why. SUPPORT: Your biggest nightmare is having bad adc players and you have no idea how you can climb with those adc players. Don't worry, I will show you how to carry a game as playing support, and dominate the league. After 2 hours of coaching session, when you have bad adc player you will be happy. Because you know exactly what to do in that case. (I am serious.)

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