Are you interested in working for us? Fill in your application as detailed as you can, and we might hire you!

We value discipline and performance, only submit if you
  • have a Grandmaster+ EUW or Master+ NA account to show as proof
  • can maintain a win ratio upwards of 70% on diamond orders
  • are not a manchild, you must know what rules are and follow them precisely
  • treat customers with the same respect your barber treats you
Perks of boosting for us
  • earn money per games played, not per orders played
  • 65% cut, monthly payouts
  • Three new orders a day on average
  • we won't force any orders onto you
  • a very chill community of boosters and a boosting website that is only growing larger
The more you tell us about yourself, the higher the chance we will hire you.
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