Published: 10/01/2020
Updated: 19/03/2020

What Is LoL Boosting?

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Boosting is the process of improving your ranked division in LoL by giving access of your account to a professional player who spends all his time playing at a high level and boosting league of legends accounts.

Customers come to us to buy boost because they

  • Don't have to waste time climbing ranks
  • Want to play with somebody good
  • Struggle and want to get better at the game

Boosters do this job because they're usually students that don't have time for a fulltime job. They can earn a decent salary depending on how their month goes just by playing the game. They both enjoy it, and it pays the bills!


In this article, we will be talking about lol boosting in general, why it is good- the benefits and cons of getting your rank boosted, backgrounds of our boosters, and some good champions and strategies for boosting.


Why Boosting is Good


In this section, I will be giving my thoughts as a boosting site owner on the ethic of boosting and discussing the pros and cons of the ordeal and why having somebody play in your stead shouldn't be frowned upon, but embraced.

I will be going through these points

  • Time Efficiency
  • Increasement in the level of play
  • Psychological effects of boosting

The whole thing shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to read, so let's get started!





Time Efficiency


It's an objective fact that getting boosted saves you hours and days if not weeks- let's check some stats to prove that this is true.

An average league of legends game takes about 30 minutes without a booster involved, but let's go deeper! We will assume that the average player has these stats

  • 30 minutes per game
  • +17 lp per win
  • 55% win ratio

We will also assume that we are currently in Diamond I, so we are trying to promote it into Master!
Each Division I has 160lp in our system, the reasoning is simple (100lp until promo, then 20*3).

So our average Diamond I player sitting at 0lp needs ten wins straight to promote, and that is considering that he gains as much lp as he loses per game, when in reality the account starts gaining much fewer lp as you win each game. Well, with a win ratio of 55%, to get these wins and promote to Master, it would take him roughly 200 games, and 200 games translate into 100 hours of game time.

Now, who has a whole week to waste on climbing a division just to get demoted if you lose a few games in a row, right. We've all had that happen.

Let's take a look at what happens when a booster from PumpMyElo plays your account instead. There will be an average of these stats in Diamond I.

  • 25 minutes per game
  • +17 lp per win
  • 80% win ratio

Considering this, it would still take the booster ten straight games to promote, and he would even get the same lp per win, but the time it takes per game and win ratio are crucial factors here. So with a high win ratio on the table, it would take us about 14 games to climb the division, and that translates into 6 hours of game time.

The difference is clear, and the process saves our customers so much of their precious time for a little money, making everybody happier in the process.


Skill Boost


Our customers, duo customers especially, rarely fall back to the divisions they were initially boosted from- that's because our end goal isn't just pushing you up a few divisions, but making sure you stay there!

As we play with our customers, especially in higher elos- we are talking diamond boosts and master boosts now, we chat with our customers, coach them and give them tips on how to play the game better- it makes the job easier for us too after all! And since our customers are paying for the games, they tend to listen to the tips and get the maximum value they can from eloboosting! :)

league of legends what is boosting


Psychological aspect


As I mentioned above, since our customers are paying for the games, they want value for it. It sounds simple, and it is! Whether buying duo boost or solo boost, the customers tend to try harder in their games after or even during the process, simply because they used the money to play the games!

Let's say you are a 50% win rate Diamond IV player. Well, in how many games out of 10 do you give it your hardest? Probably less than half, right? Now when you get eloboosted, you pay for the games, so naturally, you try your best in all these games, and even after you reach your purchased division! Simply because you spent money on it!


Boosting as a Profession


There aren't many great boosters- to get some accurate numbers, we can check out the competitive ladder. 

There are 200 players in Challenger and 800 players in Grandmaster that makes 1000 quality players per server, and 90% of these are playing professionally or are contracted with amateur teams.

That leaves us with 100 possible boosters per region, divided among boosting sites- well, the fact is, that most boosting sites employ diamond coin flippers just to have somebody play the games and fill their team, essentially wasting everybody's time, but that is luckily not the case here.


Pros of boosting

  • Earn money doing something you enjoy
  • Choose my schedule
  • Don't have to overwork myself for XX hours to earn good money
  • Meeting new people (customers and team)
  • Building a relationship with customers

Cons of boosting

  • Requires strong willpower, since you take shit from teammates and often customers all-day
  • No set salary, sometimes there are bad days or days with no orders


All things considered, it's a profession I enjoy and will continue pursuing.


How much do Eloboosters make?


How much money you make as an Elo booster all depends on win ratio, frequency of playing, and rank of boost.

In the table below, all the prices are how much our boosters earn per game.


  • Unranked-Silver -> 2-4$
  • Gold -> 3-6$
  • Platinum -> 4-8$
  • Diamond -> 6-15$
  • Master+ -> 20$+


A game lasts 30 minutes on average, so if you had an 80% win ratio and only played Master+ orders, you could earn over 300$ daily and 9000$ monthly. 

That's pretty good, isn't it?


How to become a booster


To become a booster, you need to be able to deal with customers, teammates, your boss, and be good at the game.


  • Grandmaster on major regions with a stable high win ratio
  • Honor level 3+, no punishments for toxic behavior ever
  • Must learn to play with higher ping due to VPN & Offline mode


Suggestions for people who want to be good players or boosters in the future:

  • Watch pro-views
  • If you want to be a master about one hero, find a guy who is good at it and watch his videos, try to understand what does he do to win the game. Care the build he makes.
  • To learn how to laning or best jungle rotation, you have to do practice after you watch videos from pros. Remember, watching won’t be enough if you don’t do practice.
  • Find a good teammate that is easy going with you. After playing good, you won’t need a teammate to win the games.
  • Follow the meta. League Of Legends always changes. The champion that you are playing can be useless one month later. So be ready for the new patch and read them when they publish it.


Best Champions For Boosting


In this last part, we will uncover some of the most secret boosting strategies and what champions are the best for it

whats lol boosting



The best champions on toplane are always strong laners and duelists, what they have in common is a strong level 6 that can allow you to play either on a lane or with teleport for your bot lane or mid lane

  • Renekton

    Renekton is one of the strongest early-midgame champions, he dominates lane easily, powers up hard with every single back, and he is unkillable on 1v1 or 1v2 with Shojin's. Able to oneshot your carries and destroy all early-midgame.

  • Garen

    Garen is another terrific laner, even better than Renekton once he gets his ultimate. He has a powerful silence that gives ms, damage reduction, and passive healing. With Conqueror and Trinity Force, nobody will be able to get you, and you will be entirely free to chase enemy caries too!

  • Kayle

    Kayle is probably the most influential scaling champion in the game right now. Extremely strong with each level upgrade & once she gets two items, she rapes everybody and their moms.

  • Tryndamere

    This champion remains the strongest split pusher even up to this day. Win almost all matchups if you play the hero well, start farming both top jungles when you get Tiamat, and get turrets/1v2s too!



Current strongest junglers are always strong duelists, have high mobility, or the ability to jump through walls and spike hard with level 6 and first full items.

  • Rek'Sai

    The definitive level 3 gank killer. There is nothing you can do to escape Rek'Sai with Hail of Blades at your level 3. She can all lanes easily with her ridiculous True Damage & Ultimate that resets agro. There are currently very few champions that can match her in the jungle and duels.

  • Lee Sin

    Lee Sin can move around the map fast, has decent clear and sharp ganks and duels as early game and after a few items as well! His ultimate is an ability you can turn around a match with.
  • Jarvan IV

    Jarvan is probably my favorite champion. There's nothing better than ganking a single lane over and over again with this macho, and you can Combo Flash so that you hit 100%. As soon as you get some AD, you can kill people yourself.

  • Nidalee

    Nidalee and her ridiculous jungle clear is just broken. If you need to employ an ap jungler, feel free to play this one.

  • Master Yi

    Master Yi is one of the easiest ways if your teammates are all inting, and you have to 1v9. If you learn when you should Q, it will be the most straightforward game of your life.



Most effective midlaners for boosting have burst and can roam.

  • Katarina

    Kat is probably the most overpowered champion for boosting. Push out mid, run to your sideline or jungle and kill. Get Gunblade and do that over and over again.

  • Twisted Fate

    Wait for 6, ult anywhere on the map, and destroy your opponents. Take towers super fast with either build you can go. TF also enables ganks easily with his yellow card, your jungler will love you!

  • Pantheon & Qiyana

    These 2 are very strong laners and have ridiculous abilities. Kill your opponent and destroy the enemy jungler.

Botlane & Support


Anything that wins the lane and has kill potential!


  • Draven, Tristana, Jinx, Ashe, Xayah
  • Rakan, Karma, Blitzcrank, Fiddlesticks, Thresh

    Use either of these champions in combination with each other to dominate your lane, kill opponents, capture dragons, and push turrets early into the game!

    Make sure to use the proper masteries on Ashe and Xayah- use Lethal Tempo instead of anything else. It is a powerful summoner throughout the whole game!

    On support, you should keep in mind you always want to roam before walking to botlane after backing. Try to get a kill in mid or jungle and put some wards up.


Our Season 9 Boosting Statistics


We are happy to announce that we have ended our first year with great success!


We first launched in March 2019, had to stop the service for three months during summer, and then resumed, totaling about six months of service at the time of writing!



During this time, we attracted 200 unique customers, of which 70%, or 140, came back to us to buy more orders.


Our most purchased orders are in Diamond and Platinum by a vast majority, and we have managed to keep a win ratio of 72% in Diamond and above, and 83% in Platinum, below Platinum, we have about 90% on all divisions.


We also had a few Master/Grandmaster orders, where we have a 65% win ratio and thrilled customers.


Out of the 450 orders we had in our first year, we have had 0 verified account bans. That shows that our boosters indeed do use VPN, and your account is protected at all times!



Regarding our boosters, at the start, I, the owner, used to boost alone along with a few friends of mine that were helping out. During the run, we have trialed over 130 boosters, fired roughly 100 of them, and now our boosting core consists of approximately 20 boosters capable of playing with a 75%+ win ratio in Diamond and above, with more boosters still in the tryout phase.




Boosting is useful both for your mental health, your personal life, your win ratio, and it's something we do with pleasure.

Since the start, we have expanded to NA, redesigned the site once, implemented an automated ranking system for our boosters, started creating content, and launched Coaching.


I'm pretty happy with how our first year has been, and I'm sure the future is bright for us. Thank you for reading and keep your elo pumped. 

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