How to Unlock New Characters in Valorant

How to Unlock New Characters in Valorant

Are you trying to unlock new characters in this game? While you can try all the agents on the training, you will need to earn them as you proceed in the game. Here’s how you should earn the additional agents in Valorant Beta.

A Quick Introduction to the game and characters


Valorant is a closed beta free to play game introduced by the famous American video game developer Riot Games. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where many players can play on the same scene on the online forum. Like any other shooting game, the players are provided with a small army of agents at the beginning, and as they move up the levels, they need to earn more characters to proceed in the game. There are no defined terms as to how a player can earn or unlock new agents. So here we are to tell you all about the tactics on how you can unlock new agents as you move up the levels.


Free Agents available to the player


You get to start the game with five free characters called Agents. They are known as Sage, Phoenix, Jett, Brimstone, and Sova.


Locked Away Agents


the game keeps in suspense how the player can earn additional agents such as Breach, Cypher, Omen, Raze, and Viper.


All the methods of obtaining new characters


There are three possible ways of adding new characters to your inventory, and we will talk about all of them here, but first, let's take a closer look at how the game actually works.


In the team-based shooter game, there would be two teams, the attacking and the defending team. The players can join either of the team to proceed in the game. You will need to adopt to tactical shooting to attack the opposite team with a wide assortment of weapons such as sidearms, assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and submachine guns. Each of the agents you unlock will have access to different types of weapons and unique economic systems to purchase the weaponry. If you are on the defending team, you will need to look out for the bomb planted by the attacking team and diffuse it to earn more points.


If you manage to terminate the team members, you stand to earn points. The team that wins the best of the 24 rounds will be the winners of the game, and the more you win, the more points you get for unlocking your new heroes.


Unlocking Agents as you level up


As you move up the levels in the game, you will be able to earn free agents as rewards. In the Beta stage, you should be able to unlock them by playing a few games. At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned missions to earn levels. Track your progress from the progress bar at the bottom of your screen in the “latest Tab.” This will show you how much XP you have to earn to complete levels. You should be able to earn agents at levels 5 and 10. The time is taken to complete each level on your playing expertise. It can take somewhere between three to five hours for completing each level.


Getting More Agents through Contracts


The main menu has the collection tab, which will show you the contracts. Activating the contracts can earn you more agents. If you have to activate the contracts, there is a defined amount of XP you will need to accumulate by way of playing the game. You can play any of the characters in the game to earn the XP. Also, as you clear each level, there are additional cosmetic items you get access to. It is at level 5 that you can unlock the agents.


There are restrictions on the number of contracts that can be open at one time. You could have only one contract open at one time. You could, however, switch between contracts, and you will not lose the progress you have achieved concerning each contract when you switch.


Pay for the Agents


If you do not have the time to traverse through all the different levels, you have the option to purchase the agents by paying for them. You will have to buy around 200 Valorant points to clear each level. For clearing 5 levels and getting an agent, you will need 1000 points, which might cost your approximately $10. This is perhaps the easiest way to gain access to the locked characters but may not be challenging for those who love to fight their way out.


Tips and tricks on Valorant.


Last but not least, we have some small tips to help you improve your gameplay in Valorant so you can grind the heroes faster :)

1. Make sure you are walking and not running while you are traversing through the battlefield. When you run, it creates a lot of sounds, and this will make it easier for your enemy to launch an attack on you.

2. You can run if you are very sure that there are no enemies near you. If you have to hurry and reach a particular place on time or if your enemy is already aware of your whereabouts.

3. Stop and shoot – Do not attempt to shoot while you are running as you might easily miss the target.


Hope our tips will help you to make the most out of the game.