All you need to know about Valorant Ranks and MMR

All you need to know about Valorant Ranks and MMR

Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter video game. Riot Games have developed it. The game was announced in October 2019 and is going to be released in the summer of 2020. A closed beta version of the game is being launched before the full game comes out. The game is set in the near future, where many agents and characters come from several countries with different cultures from around the world. Players can assume the control of these characters and play as the chosen agent.


Features of competitive gaming modes in Valorant


· Players play as one of the different characters in the game

· The players can either join the attacking or defending team

· Each team has five players

· Each agent has unique abilities

· There is an economic system for purchasing abilities and weapons

· There are a variety of weapons, which include side-arms, machine guns, shotguns, and assault and sniper rifles.

· The attacking team has a bomb called ‘Spike’ which they have to plant at a site

· If it detonates with protection from attacking team, they get the point

· If the defending team defuses it they get the point

· If all members of a group are eliminated, the other team gets points.

· After 12 rounds, the teams switch place with each other.

· Each round lasts for 100 seconds

· After 24 rounds, the first team to win the best of 24 is the winner of the match.


How Does The Ranking System Work In Valorant?


The closed beta version only has a casual mode as of now, but a ranked mode is coming out soon! Some things may change from the testing phase to the ranked version. Here is what we know of the ranked mode and how this ranking system will work. More or less, it will work like other competitive games out there. A player needs to complete 20 unrated matches before getting a chance to play the ranked match.


Once this mode is available to a player, then he can continue to play and get better. For getting better ranks, winning games is essential. However, initially, when a player is playing placement matches, personal performance is more crucial. Unlike many other competitive games, Valorant’s ranking system also takes into account how a player wins or loses a match! The ranking system is different for players with the Valorant title. Riot Games look at only one thing, and that is how you win or lose your matches.


What Are Valorant Pre-Mades?


Valorant will allow a group of up to five people in ranked modes. However, everyone in a team has to be within two ranks from a player. It will result in a more even field, and players of a team will be able to play well together. Riot Games also plans to match players based on their pre-made group size to ensure that competitive games are fair for all players.


There are 8 ranks with 3 tiers each, except the top rank, which is Valorant. If a player does not play any competitive matches for 14 days, then his rank is not displayed. At the same time, it does not decay as well. Any rank or points that you achieve in the closed beta game will not carry to the main game.


Ranks And Tiers


Most of the video games have a way to put the players in a hierarchy. Mostly it depends on your wins and losses. As of now, only beta version ranks are known, and even they are undergoing changes. There has been speculation about the different ranks and tiers.


Initially, it was thought that these ranks were


· Mercenary

· Soldier

· Veteran

· Hero

· Legend

· Mythic

· Immortal

· Valorant


Each rank has three tiers like Mercenary 1, 2, and 3.


Later on, some people claimed that the ranks are different and go like this

· Iron

· Bronze

· Silver

· Gold

· Platinum

· Diamond

· Immortal

· Valorant


You must remember that winning is essential to go high up in the rankings, but your performance will also be taken into account. A player can go up faster if he performs exceptionally well. In the same way, losing games and performing poorly will bring the rank down. How decisively a player wins or loses will affect rankings. This will keep the players fighting till the end and not give in too quickly.


The players who reach the highest level that is Valorant level, winning, and how decisive a win or loss is will be the only factors taken into consideration. Any players or teams which reach this level are at the highest levels of competitive play.


What Is MMR? 


MMR is an acronym for Match Making Rating. Some players call it Match Making Ratio or Match Making Rank, and they all mean almost the same thing. There is another name for this system, which is SBBM or Skill Based Match Making.


Match Making Ratio is a hidden skill rating given to a player by an elaborate rating system. You are not allowed to see it, but it determines ‘favored un-favored and even teams.’ It also helps in determining different leagues. A player’s MMR can be higher or lower than his actual ranking and position based on recent performance. However, it is essential to note that only playing ranked mode affects the MMR. If you lose or win as unranked, it does not change your MMR.


What Does MMR Do?


A competitive matchmaking system will result in more balanced fights and keep the games more interesting. By factoring in the total performance of a player, it is easier to get an accurate reading of skill level. This means that you, as a player, get to play in a well-balanced match and not a one-sided one. No player wants to win or lose too quickly!


When you play as a team with friends, you can queue into competitive matchmaking. Playing as a team of five, the players must be of the same standard. All the players in a group have to be within 2 ranks or 6 tiers from each other. It is to ensure that there is no skill disparity in matches. A level playing field is what players are looking for. If a player is not active for more than 14 days, his rank will not be displayed. It is only done so that when others see the ranks, they get accurate information.


Does Valorant Have MMR?


Whenever a new competitive shooter game comes out, there is a lot of discussion and debate about the need and merits of its matchmaking system. During its beta launch, the Valorant team also had a lot of brainstorming sessions to find the best possible solution. Some players find MMR to be an annoyance, while some people feel that it makes the games more competitive.

Riot Games have decided to have this feature in their game. However, until the game comes out, this is just conjecture! This system works in such a way that not only a shooter but the game itself will analyze your performance. This analysis is based on a set number of matches. It will help in finding your skill level and fitting you where you belong. This score remains hidden and is only used in matching you with the right opponent. In theory, it should lead to players of the same level competing against each other resulting in balanced matches.


Some games don’t have the MMR system. It allows skilled players to crush their opponents and move ahead swiftly. New players always prefer to have MMR and a more balanced fight. Though it is not entirely clear if Valorant has MMR or SBMM because officially, there has been no announcement. However, players who have played the closed beta version claim that there is a hidden MMR in the game. It is wholly based on their experience. However, once the ranked version is out, only then will it become clear.


Valorant Release 


People are waiting eagerly for this game, but there is no official release date announced as of yet. The closed beta version came out, and people, who have played it, only have positive things to say. The expected dates could be between May and September. The characters and agents in the game may also change or include many more when the game comes out. The abilities of each character may also undergo some transformation. The unique abilities and powers of each agent may remain the same as they are now in the beta version or change. All will be known once the game comes out. Everyone is eagerly waiting for its release!




If you were under the impression that video games were only meant for kids and young adults, it is time to open your eyes and minds! The online gaming industry is worth hundreds of billions! There are over 2 billion active gamers, and more getting added every day. All kinds of people of all ages and gender play online games. There are all sorts of games, but it is only a select few who grab everyone’s attention.


Valorant is one such game. Like other shooting games, this one is a multiplayer, competitive game with a lot of exciting features. Its closed beta version has given a glimpse of what is on offer, and players are waiting eagerly for an announcement regarding its Ranked version’s launch date. With its many levels and tiers, it is going to offer the players a great experience. Get set for a challenging, exciting, and competitive game that you can play on your own or with your friends!