Valorant Guide on Increasing FPS and Reducing Ping

Valorant Guide on Increasing FPS and Reducing Ping

If you are an avid video game player then you must have heard the buzz around Valorant. It is a first player shooter game that is developed and published by Riot Games and is believed to be published in the summer of 2020, with a beta version that was launched on 7th April 2020. Valorant has taken the gaming world by storm already and if you want to stay ahead in your game, here are some tips you must read to improve your gaming skills.


What is Valorant?


The First-person shooter (FPS) is a genre of video game that focuses on guns and other weapons and enables the players to feel the combat through the eyes of the agents in the video game. Valorant is a tactical team based video game where each team consists of five players or agents. The agents or characters of the game come from different cultures and countries and also have unique capabilities. The game players can join the main game by choosing to be a part of either the attacking team or the defending team. Both teams get to choose from a variety of weapons such as sniper rifles, machine guns, sidearms, and many more. While playing, if all the agents or characters from a team are eliminated, the opposing team gets a point. After playing twelve rounds the attacking team gets a chance to be the defenders and the defending team becomes the attacking team. The battle continues for twenty-four rounds and the team winning the best of these twenty-four rounds is the winner. Challenging isn't it?

Things you can do to increase FPS:


Every video game requires the player to be alert and ready while playing video games. A slight distraction can change the whole game in seconds and all avid video game players understand this. But when it is a challenging shooting game like Valorant, speed is everything. A split second can take the player from striking the winning hit to losing the players head to opponent’s bullet. Hence it is very important to make sure you understand the hardware and software requirements of the game before you start playing it.

Ways to reduce ping and increase FPS:


While you do not need lighting fast connections to play any video game, it is wise to keep a watch on the game ping. In simple terms, ping is a measure of time your device takes to retrieve data or the frames per second (FPS) from the server that can be located somewhere over the internet. This data could be very crucial for your game and a trivial delay can make or break your entire game session.

Here are some points you can consider to reduce the ping while enjoying the game.

1) Check the internet connection


One basic thing you need to play any video game is to have a stable internet connection. Before starting any game session, make sure that your internet connection is not having any delays. Using wired connection over a wireless one, using a powerful gaming router and high speed processors can improve your gaming experience. The ping time also depends on the location of the server, if you are using a server that is closer to you, the data will return to your device much faster.

2) Boost the FPS by upgrading your graphics drivers


Graphics drivers are important for the video game's performance. It is a good idea to make sure your graphics chips and the corresponding drivers are the latest ones.

3) Keeping a check on your programs


Our devices have a lot of software programs, a few of them we might never use at all. Keeping a check on all the programs, uninstalling the unused ones, or turning off the less frequently used programs can speed up your device performance. The game players can switch back the programs as and when required.

4) Make sure your device is equipped to run Valorant


Another reason you are experiencing lags is that your device is not compatible with the minimum system requirements of the video game. It is a good practice to check that your devices system configuration is suitable to execute Valorant with desired speed and comfort. Valorant’s minimum and recommended system requirements are available for the video game players to verify with.

5) Restarting the game


It might sound a simple suggestion but sometimes rebooting your device or restarting the game might reduce the delay, give it a try. Reinstalling the game can also overcome the glitches a game player might experience.

Conclusion: Though Valorant's gaming servers are amongst the best in the market, the performance issues at the player's end might hamper their gaming experience. It is a best practice to also stay in touch with all the software and hardware advances going around in the market. Implementing simple changes can take your video gaming experience to another level. Valorant is one of the most challenging games and you definitely don't want to defile the exhilarating experience because of lag. Stay updated, stay alert, happy gaming.