Everything there is to know about Valorant Agents

Everything there is to know about Valorant Agents

Valorant is a free, multiplayer shooter game, published and developed by Riot Games. It was announced with a codename in October 2019. Known as Project A initially, it was launched on 7th April 2020 for Microsoft Windows. The players represent characters originating from a wide variety of countries and cultures all over the world and what actually distinguishes it from other games, is that every player here picks a unique character known as Agent to play the game.


Agents and what their role is


Valorant is a tactical 5v5 shooter game. Unlike some other same genre games, such as CS: GO, every person chooses a character, also known as ‘Agent.’


There’s a cast of characters or Agents with individual personalities and abilities. Although shooting is the essential skill in the game, how a player puts the Agent’s abilities to rank in the game is also equally important.


Riot Games had presented some of the Agents and their abilities during a preview of the game and had precisely mapped out what these abilities can do. There are 10 different agents, which are:

  1. Breach

  2. Brimstone

  3. Cypher

  4. Jet

  5. Omen

  6. Phoenix

  7. Raze

  8. Sage

  9. Sova

  10. Viper


The abilities of each character vary from traditional utility and those from realistic shooters. These are similar to smoke grenades and flashbangs. The game also includes magical and advanced themed skills such as conjuring up walls and shooting sonic arrows, which resembles a radar.


Unique agent abilities


Every character in the game possesses a unique ability that can be used for free on each round.

Similar to grenades in Counterstrike, two non-ultimate skills need to be purchased in the game’s buy phase. Unlike Overwatch, abilities cannot be spammed in cooldown. The existence of finite skills makes it all the more important for players to use them cautiously and conservatively.

There is a certain amount of skill points that you need to hurl an ultime. Gaining of skill points is achievable near the map area as one is given to each team member, earn through each kill, i.e., each kill equals one point or just as you go progress every round.


From the gameplay review that was launched, every player must choose a distinctive character. There can’t be two similar characters in a single team.


Unlocking Valarant Characters


There’ll be some agents available as a starter package, but you will need to unlock others as you progress in the game.


Each Valorant Agent and what they do




This character’s signature style is established through its fighting style, battlefield ignition with flash and flare. The role is designed to be spontaneous, rushing into fights on his terms even if that means going in without backup.

● Hot Hands is his signature ability where he throws a fireball that explodes after a delay or after coming in contact with the ground. Although the fire zone damages enemies, it heals you.

● Curveball is the capability of Phoenix to cast a curving flare that busts into a brilliant light that can temporarily blind someone who looks at it. With a left-click, you can curve it left, and with right-click, you can curve it right.

● It can also cast or Blaze out a flame that blocks vision and cause damage to anyone passing through it.

● Run it Back is the character’s ultimate ability. You need to mark your current location, and if you’re dead during this ability’s duration or after it expires, you’ll be reborn at the marked site, healthy.




Jett is agile and has an elusive fighting style that lets her take up risks that no one else dare. She runs circles around every battle, cutting enemies up before they realize what hit them.

●      Tailwind, her signature ability lets her dash a short distance in the direction you’re moving.

● The Cloudburst ability allows her to throw out a cloud of fog that can block vision on impact.

● Updraft lets her propel you upwards after a brief wind up.

● The ultimate ability of Jett is Blade Storm. This is where she can arm herself with several deadly throwing knives that can do moderate damage and can make a headshot kill. Making a kill restores all daggers.




This character mainly deploys an array of poisonous chemical devices to control the battlefield and also cripple enemy visions. She plays with toxins that may or may not kill her prey but is sure to play mind games.

● Toxic Screen is her signature ability deploying a long line of gas emitters, which can be reactivated to create a tall wall of poisonous gas in return for fuel.

● Snakebite is another of her abilities that let her projectile a fire that explodes into a pool of acid that can cause havoc damage.

● Poison Cloud is the ability to throw a gas emitter that can be reactivated to generate a poisonous smoke cloud that can be picked and used again after a short cooldown.

● Viper’s Pit is her ultimate ability to emit a massive cloud of toxins in a vast area that can last longer as Viper stays in the cloud herself.




This character in the game mainly tracks, finds and eliminates enemies with mercilessness, efficiency, and accuracy. His scouting abilities and custom bow give him an upper hand over his enemies, meaning even if you run, it’s impossible to hide from Sova.

● Recon Belt is Sova’s signature ability,` which is a firebolt that can deploy a sonar emitter. The sonar reveals nearby enemies by their pinging tags.

● Shock Bolt is an explosive that emits static energy on impact creating damage.

● Owl Drone is a pilotable drone that can fire darts to reveal enemies.

● Sova’s ultimate ability is Hunter’s Fury, which uses three deadly energy blasts that can impale across the entire map, which causes massive damage to the enemy and marks him.




● Blast Pack - Within a moment, throws a blast pack that gets stick to the ground. He can reuse it the second time, thus deploying to ravage and destroy anything that it hits.

● Signature Ability: Paint Shells - He is equipped with a cluster grenade. Throws the grenade to destroy and hence can create sub-munitions, damaging anyone that comes under their range.

● Boom Bot -Another equipment is a Boom Bot. Deploying fire to the bot, that results from it to travel right in a straight line onto the surface, thus just blowing off the walls. The Boom Bot in a frontal cone can lock any foes and also has the capability of chasing them. It can explode to create massive damage if, by chance, it could reach them.

● Ultimate Ability: Showstopper - Equipped with a rocket launcher. When the rocket is set in the fire, it shoots to bring terrible damage to them, whoever comes in close contact with it.




● Aftershock - He is equipped with a fusion charge. He sets the charge into the fire to burst right through the wall. This, in turn, creates hellish damage to everyone present in that particular location.

● Flashpoint - This may be called a blind charge. This also is set into a fire to charge straight through the wall, which, as a result, blinds each of the players who looks at it.

● Signature Ability: Fault Lines - In here, he is equipped with a seismic fire. In case to increase the distance, he holds fire. The quake is released, making all the players their daze in a queue right to the zone.

● Another seismic charge is equipped with. In a huge cone, a fire sends through almost all. The quake then bewilders and knocks up whoever gets entangled in it.




Omen is well equipped in hunting in the shadows. He lures the enemies blind, instantly transporting them on another side of the field, letting paranoia get hold of them next by making them get revealed where they could be attacked next.

● Paranoia sends a delicate light shadow right in a straight line, and anyone who touches would surely be nearsighted.

● His Shadow walkability lets him delay after a while dematerializing it transports it to a short distance.

● He has a significant step of outcasting stealthily a delicate light orb that would then burst into a spherical shadow there, where its final location is.

● Ultimately it can select to transport and also to reform anywhere in the map to charge, which would appear as a shade and can be killed going back to its original position.

Once teleporting is completed, he would become incorporeal.




Cypher is like the one-person surveillance network. No enemy or secret is safe because he keeps tabs on all of them. He is like a hawk, patiently, and always watching.

● His free ability to Trapwire is dangerous. He can tripwire between two walls triggering enemies that are restrained and revealed only for a short time. If the trap isn’t destroyed, it can daze the victim. It can be picked and resued in the game.

● Spycam is his signature ability. With this, you can place a remote camera reactivate to view the video feed. All in all, it lets you see what goes on in the area.

● Cyber Cage ability is a remote activation trap. You can use it to create a cage that slows down enemies who pass through it. To detonate the trap, you need to look into the map press USE or hold ACTIVATE to detonate the whole lot.

● The Neural Theft is his ultimate ability to extract information from the dead body of an enemy revealing all about the location of their living allies.




Brimstone is always an advantage to its squad because of its orbital arsenal. He can deliver precise utility and can safely be called the boots-on-the-ground commander.

● He can launch an Incindary grenade and damage a whole field.

● Sky Smoke is his signature ability. It uses the map to call in the orbital deployment that can obscure the vision.

● Stim Beacon's ability helps Brimstone to target a nearby location making rapid-fire.

● Orbital Strile is his Ultimate weapon, which can be used to map a target location and launch a devastating orbital strike that can do great damage for several rounds.




Sage creates safety for the squad and herself everywhere she goes. She can revive fallen friends and beat off any forceful assaults. She is a calm center to otherwise a chaotic battlefield.

● The signature healing ability or Healing Orb of Sage is what makes her the most valuable player. She can heal an ally to full health within a blink of time.

● Slow Orb lets her cast an ord made of radianite, which breaks in the middle of a field when it hits the surface. Thus, everyone in the field will be slowed down, grounded, and create noise with any movement, which lets the squad track down and kill enemies.

● The Barrier Orb ability lets her conjure up a huge strong wall. You just need to right-click the wall to rotate it before casting.

● Her ultimate ability to resurrect friendly corpse back into health makes her more useful to the squad.




Valorant is home to several Agents with their mind-blowing abilities. Our above list of best agents has been sketched with their powers and skills in the game.


Riot games are looking at launching the game with 12 agents when then actually games are made available to the gamers in the Summer of 2020. The breach was introduced in the March 29, 2020, private event. The Closed Beta launch on Aril 7,2020 introduced Raze along with the map feature Split. This totaled 10 agents.


The first launch made five agents available with two more that could be easily unlocked as you progressed in the game. All Agents have a base health of 100. Light shields can bring your health to 125, and Heavy shields bring your health up to 150.


Valorant is packed with characters, right from the music, to the art, the game is loaded with style. All gamers should note that the list will change about the best agent in Valorant as the game evolves. Also, in the right hands, all agents can be tackled, will be strong, and can be played well.

Though we have the Agents loaded with capabilities like no other game offers, it comes down to your enhancements of the foundation of mechanical skill, tactic(brains), and strategy (positioning).

Omen’s character as an Agent will be alluring to all, and most Gamers would want to master him. He could be just the best of the bunch. A few pro streamers, influencers, and gamers who thought out of the box, and understood Omen’s kit found success in playing him. His abilities of teleportation, paranoia, and stealth features aren’t comparable to Phoenix or Sage, but in the hands of dedicated players, Omen can be a leading character.

VALORANT has a core of counterplay, creative freedom, and out of the box thinking. Unlike CS: GO or Overwatch, Valorant stands out for its perfectly sketched characteristics of the Agents, and with the right players, it can be the highlight-reel game of the time.