Tarzaned The LoL Boosting Streamer

Tarzaned The LoL Boosting Streamer

Tarzaned is one of the few players that made it big on the popular streaming platform Twitch despite never competing in League of Legends professionally.

Fact is, he has reached #1 spot on the ranked NA LoL ladder in season 6, season 7, and season 8, and he got an account from unranked to Master without a single defeat, but how much of it does it account to legitimate playing, and how much to win trading and deals behind the closed doors? Will we ever truly find out? I suppose not, but we can form our own opinion.

He is most known for his insane win ratio with mechanically difficult champions like Nidalee, his anger issues that prevented him from going pro and even get him banned constantly, and his association with the L9, or Low 9 boosting site. His achievements and toxicity cannot be denied, but is that all there is to him?


Tarzaned and his reputation


If you ask League players what they think about Tarzaned, you will receive a lot of mixed feedback. On one side you will have a lot of aspiring junglers and fanboys that follow Tarzaned solely for his gameplay, his coaching advice, and his skills. These players will be the hard majority, but few of them have ever played with him.


On the other hand are high elo players and professionals that know him personally, this group of people views the man mostly negatively, accusing him of flaming, inting, win trading, and being an egoistic kid in general.


Tarzaned has reached Master without a defeat from unranked, but how much of it was win traded?



Tarzaned and PumpMyElo


Here at PumpMyElo, we aim to provide the highest quality of service to provide our customers the most satisfactory experience, for that, we have a few members who worked with Tarzaned closely in the past, boosting for us now. Be sure that each member's activity on their accounts and customer accounts is monitored closely and we would take immediate action if we detected any toxicity from the boosters. This professionalism and top-notch safety measures make us the best choice for eloboosting.


So although you cannot buy boosting from the man himself, you might as well consider yourself lucky, because we are here to help you out!

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