Scripting in League of Legends

Scripting in League of Legends

What is Scripting?


Scripting is a form of cheating in League of Legends; the scripts give users an unfair, landslide advantage over any other ordinary player. The scripts are equal to a brilliant AI or bot playing in your place and are comparable to an aimbot/wallhack exploit in shooters like Counter-Strike. As such, we do not associate with nor promote the use of scripts.


Pretty much all scripts can be divided into three types:

  • Utility scripts
  • Champions scripts
  • Awareness scripts



Utility scripts


These scripts are mainly used by auto-attack based marksman like Twitch, Kog' maw or Kalista. Kiting with scripts is nearly perfect, making it very hard for the opponents even to get close to or scratch the scripter. As such, the script allows users to build entirely offensive because the script will nullify any necessity for defensive stats. The champions mentioned above will usually deal insane amounts of damage, sometimes even pairing up with an enchanter to gain even more access to damage through items like Ardent Censor and Zeke's Reverence. One of the ways to counter this is by getting extremely close to the scripting champion so that the hitbox is impossible to miss via any form of movement; this is assuming that the enemy champion has around 400 move speed, which means that the champion hitbox cannot mathematically maneuver in a way that it avoids abilities. Skillshot based heroes are also prevalent when paired with this script: Karthus, Xerath, and Cassiopea are some of its best users. The script makes it so that every single ability will land by using algorithms that calculate a spell's charging speed, travel speed, an enemy's's hitbox, as well as the enemy's's movement speed; by pairing these factors together, the computer can generate a way to use abilities such that your ability will always hit the enemy's hitbox. Playing against a Twitch who cannot be hit dealing 1000 damage per auto, or a Xerath nuking from across the map with 800+ damage Q's's is a task that very few people can manage - thus making scripts the ultimate, fail-safe winning tool.


Champion scripts


This type of script is specific to a champion, Fiora parry script, Draven ax catcher are some of the champion scripts. Such heroes have unique mechanics built into the champion that is deemed able to make or break the champion. By using champion scripts, you can abuse the champion's mechanics without worrying that it can sometimes backfire. Draven is a champion that relies heavily on catching his Q to maintain high DPS. However, because the location to which the ax will drop is displayed clearly, people will simply aim skillshots on those locations so that the Draven 1. Catches the ax but tanks the skill shot, or 2. Dodges the skill shot but sacrifices a considerable portion of his damage from dropping his ax.

scripting in lol

Awareness scripts


these are scripts which give the scripter information that they cannot acquire through reasonable means: having the enemy summoner spell cooldown being shown right next to their health bar, knowing the location of every champion, knowing all ward locations, the enemy's abilities range being displayed permanently, and even removing the fog of war.


A little more about other exploits


The scripts mentioned are just the most common types of scripts, and there are many more, even more, game-breaking ones. These are much more unpopular because they are so overpowered that Riot re-codes the entire game to prevent it from being usable. In the previous seasons, certain items such as Blade of the Ruined King can be proc'd infinitely, literally one-shotting any champion the script user is next to. Another one reduces the cooldown of summoner spells to 0, meaning a scripter can flash all over the map while continually dropping ignites to kill people.

One usually has to pay to have access to this script. The better the script, the higher the price.

Even though Riot receives a lot of hate for many aspects of their game like balancing and the usability of their client, script detecting has been nearly perfected since the early seasons, when scripters were way more rampant and unpunished. Scripters are now rarely seen simply because they will be banned in a matter of hours. Scripting creates its market of clients who want to abuse scripts as well as a need for accounts. A simple business model would be: sell script -> customer gets account banned -> sell an account for customer to script on again -> ban -> repeat


Famous scripters/players so good they were accused of scripting


Many players have been accused of scriptings, and streamers are no exceptions even though their perspective of the game is broadcasted to the public. A scripting streamer would be easily exposed by the numerous interfaces that show up in the game(summoner spells next to health bars, no fog of war, ability range indicators, etc.)The general public is often not fully educated on scripting and what it looks like, which is why false accusations are often made. Sometimes, a player might not be scripting, but performing near script-like, god-level plays.


Let's look at some of the more known scripters and people accused of scripting



Rat IRL is one of League's most famous streamers and players, a Twitch main from Sweden who skyrocketed in popularity in season 7. He was accused of scripting because he had near-perfect winrates in Challenger elo, and there were many clips of him 1v5ing on an extremely squishy champion Twitch because he would dodge everything. Rat IRL also plays Xerath, a champion commonly associated with scripting. He also created accounts with "Script" included to taunt his accusers, such a name was "PrivateScriptL9." Now, he streams and displays to his viewers his talent and mechanical prowess, and proves that the accusations were ultimately false.



Zwag is another high elo streamer who has been accused of scripting many times. He plays on NA but mostly smurfs in low elo. Because he is usually stomping people and has a talent for reading movement and predicting, people assume he is just a scripter. He also streams as well as makes youtube videos, all of which prove him clean of scripting.


A Wild Daddy

A Wild Daddy: A high elo player from EUW who was banned from streaming due to his toxicity. Usually seen with Permaban, he duo abused to insanely high win ratios in Challenger. It turned out that he is most likely just an outstanding Draven player who has good movement, and his win-rate comes from duoing with another Challenger player and stomping low elo.


Pornstar Zilean

Pornstar Zilean: Another Draven main from EUW, Pornstar Zilean is much more reputable than most other Dravens in the world, he proved his skill when he reached Challenger on the Korean server. Seeing as Korea is the best region in the world, reaching Challenger while playing only Draven earned him the spot for the best (publicly known) Draven in the world. Again, his scripting accusations come from an insane mechanical proficiency, but the allegations are commonly dismissed.



Permaban: Challenger EUW mid laner who plays LeBlanc, Katarina, and Kassadin. His duo abuse with Pornstar Zilean earned him the reputation of an insane player and scripter alike. It was revealed that he does not script, seeing as he streams. Moreover, it is another case of a player having inhuman reactions and being mechanically gifted, seeing as he was good enough to play for the Italian Pro League.



Ap0calypse: A player that doesn't show frequent activity, he was accused of being a scripter when he played Mordekaiser jungle and sometimes played duo-queue with RatIRL. His fanboys are currently advertising for a script, but his personal use of it is unlikely.



DarkWinJax: DarkWinJax or DWJ, for short, is a player who was indefinitely banned for his toxicity. He is often cited as the most toxic player and showed only disrespect for other players. However, during his ruling, it was stated that he broke "every" rule of the Summoner's Code, which includes scripting. His reputation comes exclusively from toxicity, which is why his script-using history is often not looked at.



OPShaco: Another toxic EUW player who mains Shaco. He is known for ruining high elo games and most likely scripting to achieve high win rates.


All the personalities mentioned above have been accused of scripting though there isn't solid proof. However, because of their income, they may buy less detectable and very pricey scripts.



Most known scripts


A list of scripts, this section will cover a more detailed view on individual scripts, the video above shows what playing with scripts actually looks like


Evade script

This script makes it so you can dodge every skill shot in your direction. It's's easy to detect this script because the character starts moving as soon as abilities are cast, which surpasses standard human reaction time.


Kiting script

Kiting Is when you attack while moving your character, with a script, it can be done flawlessly and 100% efficiently without wasting any frames. This is generally combined with the evade script making it very hard for anyone to catch you, normally the kiting script is activated with spacebar.


Riven Combo

The animation cancel auto-q-auto-q-auto-q-auto combo will execute with one button. The Shy combo is also sometimes combined, e-flash-rw-rq.


Rengar Combo

The Rengar auto-e(mid-air)-tiamat+w-q combo will execute with one button.


Master Yi script

Master Yi W auto-attack reset: Master Yi's auto-attack animation for his passive, Double Strike, can be canceled. Because the damage from each auto-calculates as soon as it hits, the animation for each attack is unnecessary. This is why W(meditate) is used to cancel the animation, similarly as using movement commands to cancel auto attack animation. The perk is that his w can be canceled instantly as well, meaning this method is even faster than attack moving.


Map Zoom script

You can zoom your map further in than usual, causing you to be able to play in a 3d perspective, or simply just see more of the map


Ryze combo

The script will automatically cast you many Ryze combos such as q-e-q-w-q or a waveclear combo such as q-e-q or e-e-q.


Shielding support script

This script works on champions like Janna, Lulu, Morgana, or Karma, the script will make it so you can only cast your shield on the champion you want without having your mouse on them, meaning shields go off on your carries automatically.


Fiora parry buddy

Fiora's w can stun the enemy after parrying hard cc. But this requires prediction/insane reaction time, by using this script, you can always repel anything 100% without messing up.


Katarina combo:

The scripter just has to press a key, and the script will do the Katarina combo: e-w-q-r



The script enables very fast zed combos. Common ones are w-r-e-q and r-w-e-q, all of which come out very fast with aim assist.





Overall, scripting is just a wrong thing to do, it does give the scripter an advantage, but most of the time he gets caught, in the GARENA servers, there is a massive scripting problem as their script detection system is terrible compared to Riot's's. In Korea and China, the problem becomes so bad and rampant that they announce ban waves: a list of people(usually thousands) who are banned. Riot Korea has an elite team just to detect scripts.