Appear Offline in LoL

Appear Offline in LoL

Offline or invisible mode is a great way to hide your online status on the league of legends client from your friend list. It means that you can play on your account without getting bothered, stalked, or queuesniped by anybody and you can play LoL in peace. 


Who uses offline mode?


Offline mode is a must-have tool probably for everybody, even the regular folk! Some of the reasons you would want to hide are that you are

  • Boosters

As a boosting website, the ability to maintain privacy and hide our boosters on the clients' accounts from their friendlist, offline mode is a must-have for us. We use it on every single order and account unless asked to do otherwise by our customers, in which case we follow their instructions. Order your boost in offline mode now.

  • Challenger players

Queuesniping is a huge problem for challenger top of the ladder players, the only way to avoid it completely is to use offline mode so nobody can see when you queue up for your games and you don't get target trolled or target banned

  • Famous streamers

Streamers face the same issue that Challenger players do- they get sniped by others for fun or for trolling purposes

  • Just a regular player after a long day of work or school

We have all been there, you come home tired, want to get a game or two done before you cook dinner, and the last thing that you want is for that one pestering friend to start shooting messages at you 100 words per minute.

How do I appear offline in LoL?


We use a modern third party software called Deceive to do the job, it automatically blocks the connection to LoL Client chat servers, so nobody can see you even log into the account or play from it unless they stalk your match history or use third-party software like  to check if you are in-game.


It is completely safe, it doesn't steal your data and doesn't even know it, it just blocks chat IP addresses from your connection.


All you have to do is

  1. Download the latest Deceive  release
  2. Launch League of Legends using the Deceive client with Admin mode instead of the standard LoL client

Voila, you got it! It should look like this when you are done

invisible mode lol


Back in the old days, to use offline mode, you had to block Riot chat servers' IP addresses with a firewall or a bat file, but that's outdated, lengthy and there is no reason anybody should bother with all that when we have software to do the work for us.


Known Issues


Getting an Error when launching Deceive

If you are getting an error when launching League via Deceive, make sure to check again if you are using Admin mode, if it doesn't help, make sure to uninstall League of Legends and install it back again, that should fix it

LoL still shows me online

Relaunch the game a few times and it should fix itself, sometimes it just blocks the access to chat servers one way- you can see your friends but they cannot see you


Does it work on all servers?

As far as we know, offline mode by Deceive works without any issues on all league of legends servers- North America, Europe West, Europe East, North America Latin, Korean, Chinese, Garena, Russian, Turkey


Can I get banned for using Deceive?


You most definitely cannot get banned or penalized in any way for using offline mode, I have never heard of anybody getting penalized for hiding from friends and Riot has endorsed the third party tool that we use to turn invisible- Deceive




Nowadays we have the easy way of going offline and it would be unwise not to take advantage of it and bother with outdated methods, we do it daily and the ability to work it out with one click is heaven's gift.

If you want to go completely offline though and without all the effort so that nobody can even track your match history then you may want to consider buying a smurf account