League of Legends Teams Key Roster Changes for 2021

League of Legends Teams Key Roster Changes for 2021

The 2020 season was heavily broken up by the situation around the world, with the Mid-Season Invitational  canceled in April, with Riot producing a 48-hour stream to help ease the negative effects for fans and gamers later in the year. LoL was far from the only sporting event hit by the disruption around the world in 2020.  Bwin explains  that other major physical sporting events were also lost, such as the Olympics and the Euro 2020 soccer tournament. That saw many sports going online during the summer to keep fans amused and had the effect of pushing interest in eSports, despite tournaments being canceled. In turn, there is renewed hope that when everything resumes, the gaming world’s popularity will see a permanent boost thanks to the increased exposure.

That could result in the 2021 LoL season being one of the most popular ever, as awareness of eSports and LoL, in particular, is now so much bigger. The big teams have been preparing their rosters ready for action, and we have got all of the big movers right here for you.


Fnatic is one of the strongest teams in Europe, and as such, there have been few changes to their roster at this moment in time. Their main group consists of L9  star and jungler  Selfmademan, Bwipo, Nemesis, and Hylissang. Only Rekkles and MagiFelix have left, with the former linking up with G2.


In a massive move for LoL, CLG has announced the signing of WildTurtle as their ADC for next year. The 25-year-old, who first appeared in MLG Summer Championship back in 2012 for CLG, has come full circle after a three-year stint with FlyQuest. CLG has also added Finn to their team, a top laner who has previously played for Rogue and Rogue’s Academy team. In another big coup for CLG, they have added Broxah to their roster after he has helped Team Liquid to the Worlds stage.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid made two huge changes over the offseason, parting ways with Broxah and Impact, with the latter becoming a free agent. They have added two new members, Santorin and Alphari, a jungler and top laner. They have also made significant changes to the support team, with Head Analyst Tyler leaving on October 21. He was followed by Assistant Coach Croissant two days whilst Strategic Coach Cain also became a free agent.


Immortals made a huge raft of changes over the break, with Altec, Gate, sOAZ, Eika, and GoToOne all departing. In the other direction came Guilhoto from Astralis as Head Coach of the LCS team, Jensen (formerly known  as Incarnati0n) to coach the academy team, and Malaclypse to be the assistant coach of the LCS team. They added two players in November, Revenge and Xerxe, a top lane and a jungler, as they look to cement their place amongst the season frontrunners.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves, the team affiliated with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, overhauled their roster for 2021, ditching almost all of their players. Their new and hopefully improved lineup features Ssumday in the top lane, jungler Closer with Damonte, FBI, and huhi making up the final three players.

Credit – WM’s Own