L9 - The most famous Club in League of Legends

L9 - The most famous Club in League of Legends

Who and what exactly is L9?


Low nine commonly known as L9 is a EUW club created by four high elo players, some of which are currently large streamers or professional LoL players.

The mains members from the group are RATIRL, Ap0calypse, 0bsess and Selfmademan, and we will talk about each of them thoroughly.

RATIRL and 0bsess have created L9. At the start, it was just a club designed to troll high elo players and gain some recognition on Twitter and in ranked soloq.

Most of the people think that the name was inspired because there were nine people in the club, but they got inspired by an old popular streamer called Hail9.

They didn't expect the club to grow up that fast, but it got a lot of clout on Twitter, and their fame was on top.

The club is known for having a lot of bad behaviour coming with the name like eloboosting and extreme toxicity.

RATIRL has been known as an elobooster for the past seasons and now as a fulltime streamer on twitch, but some other players like selfmademan or 0bsess made it to the professional stage.

Most of the members at the start were just known as soloq talents with enormous potential, and now we can see that most of them have turned up in the LEC at one point or another.

There are also other people called "NAL9" most of the people see them as fanboys who try to use their clout to get famous, in this article we won't mention them since we will mostly talk about the original L9


Why is L9 so famous



L9 is nowadays the most popular and controversial club in League of Legends history.

The club got famous in many ways- mostly due to the number of fanboys making videos, Reddit threads and talking about them on Discord, Twitter, and social media, in general, giving them free popularity everywhere you could look.




One of the reasons they got popular is that the original L9 members were very talented players and got top spots in the ranked soloq ladder very quickly every season and that got them a lot of recognition from other high elo players, streamers, or people checking the ladder or people just being curious in general, that's what made L9 grow in size, and that's what makes RATIRL such a popular streamer as well.




Back in the early days of LoL, toxicity was perceived very negatively by the community and the players themselves- that's also a significant reason why L9 members had so much clout- they would go around spam pinging, inting on purpose, being racist and giving people death threats in-game with no fear of getting banned. Most of the members have a bunch of forbidden account for the reasons mentioned before.

Even though toxicity is perceived by the community very poorly, there have always been a lot of hateful and poisonous people in League of Legends- and when L9 came to rise, they finally had somebody to identify with, feeding their ego.

Because of the club's rising popularity and the lack of activity of the founding L9 members, most users with L9 nowadays in their name are trolls who pretend to be like their idols.


Known L9 players


There are four founding members of L9, and we will talk about each of them thoroughly!




Ap0calypse is probably the most controversial player among the four founding members, who also got the least visibility.

He is not known much because he rarely streams and has never been in a professional competitive stage.

The only few times he streamed he was griefing on purpose, inting or doing drunk streams that most of the times finished by him puking on the ground

Ap0calypse was first of all known as the RATIRL duoq in the old seasons. His leading champion was Mordekaiser.

Beside his insane league skills, he was mostly known for his extreme toxicity and bad ingame behaviour.

He had multiple permabans during every, season, so he ended up smurfing a lot and climbing back the ladder with insanely high win ratios.

Nowadays Ap0calypse turned into support main, and his main character has become Janna.

He is right now rank 3 in the European ladder and looks like he reformed a bit, even though he still had that naughty behaviour in the past few months.

It is a player that has influenced a lot of people on the internet and is idolized by most of the people on his discord server begging him for roles hoping to be recognized.




He is, for sure the most known of the leading members.

With ap0calypse they formed one of the most toxic duos of the European server in the old seasons.

He mostly got visibility from twitter dramas and his mad mechanical skills; a lot of players called him out to be a scripter because of those.

After getting famous from all of this, he started streaming to prove that he wasn't scripting and all started from there.

A lot of people got curious about his skills so he got a lot of viewers pretty quickly and viewers got what they were searching for very high mechanical plays.

So then his fame was better and better because of Reddit threads and montage made by the community.

He kind of left toxicity to be a full-time streamer, nowadays he is probably one of the biggest League of Legends streamers and got a vast community.






0bsess is probably the one whL9 founder.

After being known as a toxic jungler main but an extreme soloq talent, he tried to show his skills on the competitive scene.

For now, he only showed his skills in national leagues where he did pretty well.



  • Aug 2017 - Oct 2017- Movistar Riders
  • Feb 2018 - Apr 2018- Penguins
  • May 2018 - Jan 2019-Misfits Gaming
  • Oct 2018 - Jan 2019-GamersOrigin
  • Jan 2019 - May 2019-Misfits Premier
  • Jan 2020- mousesports

He got very high challenger spots on the euw ladder and was known as an extreme solo carry role in the jungle. After he switched from soloq talent to competitive player, he has changed hid mindset and has reformed to focus and not risk his getting a competitive penalty for toxicity.

Nowadays, he fully follows his dreams to go from national leagues to LEC.




Selfmademan is by far the most successful and the player with the highest potential out of the whole L9 squad, a unique exception among them all- Selfmademan wasn't known as a toxic player, and precisely due to that, it was much easier for him to find a team in the competitive scene than for other members, as he got along with people much better.

A world-class player

He claimed seven Most Valuable Player awards in the LEC 2019 Spring, most of all the players by far, despite his team performing very poorly and only winning nine games in total.

He also memed a little bit by building Infinity Edge without success on Rek'Sai in an essential game of the first round of the LEC 2019 Spring Playoffs.

Selfmademan made it from national league teams to the top of LEC in just a few years, and he is the perfect example of a talented, ambitious player.


  • Apr 2017- Aug 2017- ThunderX3 Baskonia
  • Aug 2017- Dec 2018- MAD Lions
  • Dec 2018- Nov 2019- SK Gaming
  • Nov 2019- Present- Fnatic

Nowadays he keeps performing well in LEC in probably the team who has the biggest fanbase in Europe- FNATIC.

He is the living proof that L9 members can be sweethearts, chill and have good enough human relations to be in a stable competitive team.




The L9 club at the beginning was a club with all the L9 members and their close friends.

There was Ap0calypse, RATIRL, 0bsess and selfmademan as an officer.

Back in the days, it was a significant flex having that tag.

All the fanboys shadowing their idols wanted that tag with their favourite drama makers in it, so they started making fake tags with boxed letters or just related tags.

The L9 members had the idea to start selling spots in the original L9 club for 50€ each.

It took only a few hours to get the club full, so ap0calypse,ratirl 0bsess and selfmademan left the club and made a new one to bank a lot more money.

It worked out as planned again, so they made it over and over until fanboys understood that it was a pure scam and their idols are about to leave it.

Nowadays you can make L9 tags that do not look too fake, so a lot of people sell it on some League related communities for a few €.

The reputation around this tag got so insane that there is fake or L9 tag to sold in every server in the world, so that makes people around the world curious about L9 and make them even more popular.

Now, most of the people you will see in the solo queue with an L9 tag will most of the time be fanboys who made up or bought the tag in related discords.




L9 is not a thing anymore; its mostly used as a meme by most of the players.

Even their members, they don't talk to each other anymore.

RATIRL and Ap0calypse did not duo together for more than two seasons now because of inside dramas between both players.

And for 0bsess and Selfmademan they probably stopped talking to the other related members to avoid toxic friends and be entirely focused on their competitive career.

The cool thing about this is that most of the leading members reached a right spot and have a new career off League.

And it shows that even if they started as toxic players with a bad reputation, they used it in the right way to reform and live it as full-time streamers or competitive players, although we do employ some players that are on the same skill level as the original l9 members :) Feel free to buy a boost now if you'd like to climb fast!