Best Settings For LoL and LoL Ping

Best Settings For LoL and LoL Ping


Settings are a crucial part of every player's life, especially in a competitive game like League of Legends as the optimal settings help squeeze the most out of your potential and let you play like a pro and that's why you should strive to optimise to have the best settings for lol that you can!


The same can be said about lol ping, in this article we will teach you how to get the best settings for performance and no fps lag, and we will teach you how to fix your lol ping so that it's the lowest possible and you don't have to play with high ms.


Settings for performance and best FPS


Every LoL player has a different computer and therefore needs to have his settings uniquely customised so that he can strive to have no issues and can play the game entirely without lag. Let us show you how to do just that.


Smartcast & Hotkeys


I advise everybody, even new players, to use the smart cast on all abilities and all champions by default, even if they're playing a champion for the first time, or playing champions with click-and-drag skills, like Rumble's ultimate.

best settings for league of legends


Not having Smartcast (now Quickcast) requires you to do an additional one click before you use an ability, that one click is equal to a few milliseconds, and that's precisely what could cost you a kill, a smite, a play, or a game.

Smartcast also helps you learn the range of spells much quicker, as you don't see an indicator and you need to learn it by your gut feeling.

I prefer to use flash on D and trinket on X, but hotkey placements are entirely up to you.


Best Video Settings for LoL


What's important here is having your vsync option ticked, and framerate capped to the max, this ensures you get the most FPS you can get without your screen or graphic card stuttering and freezing, causing uncomfortable in-game lags that can cost you the match and a lot of nerves.

Best Video Settings for LoL

Make sure you are not hiding eye candy (critters)- there are a few bushes that critters jump out of if you or enemy champions enter them, this can help you a lot in the early game when invading. 

Another important thing here is using relative team colours- this helps you get used to the game much faster as the colours are the same in all your games.

The borderless mode is optimal if you have a stable computer, with borderless you can't drag your cursor out of the game, so there are no accidents.

best lol settings for performance




The interface is the most important point for optimizing your best League of Legends settings, to begin with, you want to drag the scales of HUD & Chat to as lowest as possible but still comfortable for you so that you see more of the actual game and less of noise, minimap should be maxed out though!

best amd settings for league of legends

You want to see all the Health and Resource bars, minions and champions, and you want to have the notifications enabled so that the screen starts flashing when something happens. 

Summoner names depend on your personality- if you can focus more when you don't know who you are playing against, then that's your roll!

best in game settings for league of legends

best graphic settings for league of legends

Here comes the crucial decision that might change your whole gaming career and that is Chat.

Disable chat, keep in mind you are playing with egoistical male teenagers in most of your games that keep on hating everybody around them. You don't need to read their nonsense. Disabling chat ensures you focus on the game and not on your teammates.

best mouse settings for league of legends




The game gives you a lot of freedom, you will need to experiment a bit before you find the optimal mouse speed and camera speed settings for you, what you do want though is to disable the smooth camera. 

best settings for league of legends 2018

Camera Lock Mode and Gameplay are both entirely up to you, and you will need to figure out by yourself what suits you the best!


Keep the same persisted settings for all your LoL accounts.


A lot of people get triggered by having to change settings whenever they go on a new account, that's an especially common problem for people who crawl in the black markets of League of Legends a lot as we do! 


This is a simple guide on how to keep the same settings forever on all your LoL accounts, no more changing settings when boosting or buying new accounts :)


  1.  Log on to any account, play a game and change settings to what you would like them to be forever
  2. Go to your League of Legends folder -> Config folder -> tick the file "Persisted Settings.json" as "read-only."


Congratulations! That's about it for maximising your FPS and computer power output.


LoL Ping


Ping is a crucial part of your life because you absolutely cannot afford to be lagging in a competitive game like LoL at all, professionals and Koreans play on 0 to 20 ms ping. In contrast, players from bad regions or with poorly customised ping can play with up to 200 ping, this can make the difference in your performance, and it can even be the dealbreaker in making it to high divisions in ranked games or getting stuck in lower elo.


How to check LoL Ping


We have tried many third party services that advertise checking your LoL Ping, but none of them has worked correctly for us. Therefore we recommend you create a new account for the region you'd like to check your ping at and enter practice tool. This gives you a clear representation of what your ping is.


Reduce ping in League of Legends


There are multiple ways to reduce and improve your League of Legends ping but to start fixing your ms we need to check whether it's just League of Legends that's lagging for you or if it's your whole connection that is poorly set up. 


To do this, check what the ping difference between any game and League of Legends is for you. If there is not much of a difference and your ping is high on everything, you should try contacting your ISP and complaining to him that your connection is weak and he needs to fix it. 


If it's just LoL that's lagging for you, then we need to try these steps

  • Clear your registry using the free version of CCleaner
  • Uninstall unnecessary games, files and movies
  • Clear your computer entirely with antivirus
  • Turn off any torrenting software, browser, VPN and redundant social media software like Skype or Discord
  • Disable Firewall and Antivirus
  • Play the game

If these steps didn't help, then it is your Internet connection service provider's fault, and you need to give them a call to get it sorted out.


Best VPN For LoL


Since we are a boosting company, a good VPN that doesn't lag too much is a necessity for us. Many boosting services use NORDVpn, but the quality is the same as their cost- cheap and inferior. 

best lol vpn

We have tested almost all the VPN services on the market, and we recommend using ProtonVPN. This software allows you to choose from almost all the countries in the world to connect to, does not disconnect nearly at all and does not increase your ping too much.