Who are we & how does it work?

Long story short, we are a group of retired professional/challenger level players that still want to make a living playing this game. We have tried boosting for a couple sites, but it just wasn't as smooth as we had imagined, so we came up with something new and fast. On our site, you will never have to wait for your booster to appear when you're playing a duoboost, or wait for admin to go online to assign your order to somebody. What we came up with is a fully automated boosting service provider. As soon as you fill your order, it appears in our system where boosters can take it. When your booster can't play anymore, he drops the order back into the system so somebody else can take over and continue! That ensures your order gets finished faster than on ANY other site, because it will be being completed 24/7!

Coaching included for free

Not only do we provide the fastest way to rank up possible on the market but we also limit ourselves to play champions and lanes of your choice so you can learn the game better by spectating! Our boosters will always kindly reply to your questions regarding the game to provide you the knowledge you need to get an edge over your opponents. We have an option for streaming the games as well!

Why is LolBoosts.com the right choice?


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